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This section will include information about current and relevant events corresponding to the maritime industry and COCATRAM’s work.



Codigo de conducta ambiental COCATRAM

Environmental Code of Conduct for Port Management in Central America

The Protocol to the General Central American Integration Treaty, signed by the Central American Presidents in 1993, emphasized the need to perfect and substantially revitalize Central America’s physical port infrastructure to insert its economy into world markets.

With the aim of creating a framework for the application of the plan of action that would enable the agenda to operate, COCATRAM produced the Environmental Code of Conduct for Port Management in Central America, which was approved by the 23rd Meeting of Port Companies of the Central American Isthmus in Guatemala on May 11, 2007.

The code is of voluntary application, prioritizing compliance with each country’s environmental legislation and the regional and international commitments. The port authorities of each country can take it up in accordance with their activities, priorities and resources so that over the short and medium terms each country can gradually establish a system to monitor and reduce the environmental impact of port activities.


Through the coordinated work of the Network of Maritime Port Statistics of the Central American Isthmus, a flow of updated maritime, port and regional statistical information is maintained among the port companies and maritime authorities in this specialized discussion forum.

Comparative Quarterly Statistics



Short-Distance Maritime Transport (SDMT) in Mesoamerica

Final Report of the Feasibility Study

Result of the National Workshops, 2015 for the Development of Short Distance Maritime Transport in the Mesoamerican Area

National Action Plans


Informative Bulletin of the work of COCATRAM in the Central American Region

Información sobre COVID en puertos cocatram

Most relevant information about COVID

Survey on COVID 19 In port operations in Central America and the Dominican Republic


COVID-19 Statement

Declaration of the heads of state and government of Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and the Dominican Republic regarding the COVID-19 pandemic