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Last Friday, February 23, in a virtual meeting marked by creativity and teamwork, the members of the Port Meeting of the Central American Isthmus (REPICA) met to decide on a new symbol of unity, choosing a definitive emblem to represent the forum.

This logo was chosen with the participation of the Dominican Port Authority (APORDOM), the Maritime Port Division of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation of Costa Rica (DMP), the Board of Port Administration and Economic Development of the Atlantic Coast (JAPDEVA), APM Terminals Moín, S.A., TERPAC, LTDA, the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), the National Navy (MN) of El Salvador, the Central American Port Operator (OPC), the National Port Company (EPN) of Nicaragua, the Vice Ministry of Ports and Airports of Guatemala, the Autonomous Port Executive Commission (CEPA) of El Salvador and the National Port Commission (CPN) of Guatemala, and considered selecting a graphic representation that captured the essence of the mission, vision and values shared by all REPICA members.

This is how a process comes to an end, where four innovative proposals were presented, developed by companies and entities that offered to support this initiative, CEPA, El Salvador, OPC; Honduras, EPN; Nicaragua, AMP, Panama and Valencia Port Foundation; which sought to reflect both the dynamism and the collaborative spirit of the maritime-port sector, combining simplicity, clarity and deep meaning.

Keeping in mind that the creation of a logo or emblem acts as the face of an organization, facilitating recognition and recall among users, the final choice fell on a timeless design that balances the modern trend towards simplicity with ease of identification.

The selected logo is an echo of REPICA’s principles, representing the confluence of the oceans through the use of two shades of blue, thus uniting nations through their waters.

In the same way, in its text structure the letter “C”, evokes both a compass and a compass rose, expressing a guide on the road to collaboration and mutual understanding, and above it, to complete this composition, rises the image of a bow ship, symbol of positivity and progress, which inclusively embraces the entire maritime port sector, where maritime authorities, port authorities, port and logistics companies and associated institutions are integrated, embodying the spirit of an event intrinsically linked to the sea and its ports.

REPICA, under the coordination of the Central American Commission on Maritime Transport (COCATRAM), stands as an essential platform for dialogue, the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and the formulation of strategies that seek the modernization and harmonization of the port system.

This new logo not only symbolizes the union and collective strength of its members, but also represents the commitment towards efficient management, sustainable development of ports and navigation of future challenges with a beacon of innovation and cooperation.