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PORT: Anguilla (Road Bay, The Valley)



1. LOCATION: The port of Road Bay is located in a large bay on the northwestern coast, about 3 miles south west of the main settlement, The Valley, at position 18° 12’N, 63° 05’W (entrance to the bay)

2. OVERVIEW: Road Bay is the commercial port of Anguilla.

3. MAXIMUM SIZE: 4,000 tons, draft 4.57 m.

4. TRAFFIC: Containers and break bulk.

5. PILOTAGE: At present there are no Pilots.

6. TUGS:  No tugs in operation at present. Vessels are required to berth alongside pier using their own lines.

7. BERTHS: Two piers. The smaller pier is used for local cargo boats only, up to 250 tons. The larger main pier is for all other vessels. Depth on the north side of the larger main pier is 3.8 m. and on the south side 4.5 m. Loading and offloading is done by ship’s cargo gear.

8. CRANES: None at present.

9. WASTE DISPOSAL: Not available.

10. SLOPS DISPOSAL:  Not available.

11. WATER: Fresh water is supplied by private providers.

12. FUEL: Available upon request.

13. CHANDLERY: Available. 

14. CONTACT: Anguilla Air & Seaports Authority, The Valley, Anguilla. Tel: +1 264 497 3467.