Basse Terre

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1. LOCATION: South coast Guadaloupe, 60 km. from Pointe-a-Pitre.

2. OVERVIEW: Open water port handling general and bulk cargoes, containers, Ro-Ro and cruise vesels.


LOA 210 m., beam 30 m., draft 9.0 m.

Passengers:  LOA 220 m.

Ro-Ro:  Depth 8.0 m.

4. TRAFFIC: Containerized and break bulk cargoes, Ro-Ro and passengers vessels.

5. PILOTAGE: Compulsory for vessels over LOA 120 m. Pilots ordered via Agent.

6. TUGS: Not available. However, a small boat will assist in running lines if Port Authority is advised in sufficient time.

7. BERTHS: Length of quay 300 m., max. draft 9.0 m. Extension to the north 40 m.

Berth can accommodate bulk and break bulk, cruise, Ro-Ro, container and passenger vessels.

8. CONTAINER FACILITIES: 2 ha. container stacking with 96 reefer points, 1×35 ton travelling crane for container handling, lift truck with top spreader. Access to terminal by road.

9. CRANES: 60 ton mobile crane.

10. WASTE DISPOSAL: Skip available alongside. Arrange via Agent.

11. SLOPS DISPOSAL:  By tank truck alongside. Arrange via Agent.

12. WATER: Available.

13. FUEL: Gas oil by tank truck alongside. Arrange via Agent. No bunker fuel oil, diesel oil or lubricating oil.

14. CHANDLERY: Fresh provisions, groceries and meat available. Delivery quayside only. Arrange via Agent.

15. CONTACT: Port Autonome de la Guadeloupe, PO Box 485, 97165 Pointe-a-Pitre Cedex, Guadeloupe. Tel: +590 (590) 686320. Fax: +590 (590) 323500.