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PORT: Turbo

COUNTRY: Colombia


1. LOCATION: In Antioquia Department, on the coast of Gulf of Uraba, 340 km. north of Medellin. Turbo lies near the SE tip of the Darien Gap and is the northern terminus of the main route of the Pan American Highway.

2. OVERVIEW: Port city and the capital of the Uraba region of Antioquia, Colombia. Turbo is an anchorage port; ships loading cargo from barges via mechanical loaders and/or ship's gear. It is Colombia's main banana export port.

3. MAXIMUM SIZE: Anchorage:  Unrestricted.

Tankers:  1,000 d.w.t., draft 3.4 m.

4. TRAFFIC: Handling exclusively bananas in reefer cargo.

5. PILOTAGE: Compulsory for all vessels over 200 g.t. ETA should be sent via Agent 24 hours before arrival, and confirmed 2 hours before arrival.

Vessels should establish contact with Turbo Harbor Master

6. TUGS: Available

7. BERTHS: Not available. Operations are performed off shore where cargo is loaded and unloaded trough ships’ cranes and with the coordination of barges and tugboats.

8. CRANES: Not available.

9. WASTE DISPOSAL: Reception facilities not available.

10. SLOPS DISPOSAL:  Reception facilities not available.

11. WATER: Not available.

12. FUEL: Not available.

13. CHANDLERY: Not available.

14. CONTACT: Direccion General Maritima - DIMAR, Capitania de Puerto de Turbo, Avenida la Playa, Punta las vacas, Turbo, AA 583, Antioquia, Colombia. Tel: +57 (4) 822 1571, 822 1572. http://www.dimar.mil.co