Puerto Sucre

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PORT: Puerto Sucre

COUNTRY: Venezuela


1. LOCATION: Caribbean coast in NE Venezuela. Close to the mouth of Manzanares River in Sucre State, 160 n.m. east of Caracas.

2. OVERVIEW: Natural multipurpose port unrestricted by tidal conditions.

3. MAXIMUM SIZE: Average draft 11.27 m.

4. TRAFFIC: Handles containers, Ro-Ro, general, passenger, fishing and naval vessels.

5. PILOTAGE: Compulsory and available.

6. TUGS: No information available.

7. BERTHS: South pier, 173 m. in length, located in position Lat. 10° 27′ 37″ N, Long. 064° 11′ 37″ W. Berth located each side at the end of the pier. The north side berth is 140.7 m. long, average draft 11.27 m. The south side is 166.9 m. long, average draft 10.66 m. The berth width is 24.8 m.

8. CRANES: Mobile cranes available.

9. WASTE DISPOSAL: No information available.

10. SLOPS DISPOSAL:  No information available.

11. WATER: No information available.

12. FUEL: Available by road tanker. Contact Agent.

13. CHANDLERY: No information available.

14. CONTACT: Puertos de Sucre SA, Calle La Marina, Puerto Sucre, Estado Sucre, Venezuela. Tel: +58 (293) 431 4910. puertosucre@cantv.net http://www.puertosdesucre.com.ve