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1. LOCATION: Geographically, the Basseterre port is located at 17°18′N 62°44′W Coordinates: 17°18′N 62°44′W, on the south western coast of Saint Kitts Island.

2. OVERVIEW: It is one of the chief commercial depots of the Leeward Islands.


Tankers:  LOA 121 m., beam no restrictions, draft 5.18 m.

LPG:  LOA 121 m., beam no restrictions, draft 5.18 m.

Dry Cargo:  LOA 198 m., beam no restrictions, draft 8.23 m.

Passengers:  LOA 304 m., beam no restrictions, depth 9.14–15.85 m.

4. TRAFFIC: Handles containerized cargo, Ro-Ro and cruise ships.

5. PILOTAGE: Vessels applying for a pilot generally do so through their agent.

6. TUGS: Not available.


Main Berth: Length 121.9 m., depth 9.14 m., max. LOA 213.3 m.

Ro-Ro Berth: Length of berth 117.3 m., depth 5.0 m.

Mooring dolphin 60.9 m. south of the deep-water port jetty.

Berthing on ships without thrusters is achieved against off-shore wind by using port anchor to snub in and swing stern onto quay. Mooring boat runs lines ashore and stern line to buoy, after breast lines sent to bollard in middle of end of quay.

8. CRANES: One Grove TM 8100 mobile crane with capacity 100 tonnes. One container lifter capable of lifting 6.10 m. and 12.19 m. containers of up to 35 tonnes.

9. WASTE DISPOSAL: Garbage disposal can be arranged through a shipping agent. Skips provided by barge.

This service is provided by St. Kitts Solid Waste Management Corporation (SWMC), Basseterre.

10. SLOPS DISPOSAL:  Not available.

11. WATER: Available alongside all berths.

12. FUEL: Available by road tanker and bunker barge.

13. CHANDLERY: Not available.


St. Christopher Air & Sea Ports Authority, PO Box 963, Bird Rock, St. Kitts. Tel: +1 869 466 5560. Fax: +1 869 465 8124.